Paterson Divas Youth Softball Team Raises Money to Enter Puerto Rico Tournament

PATERSON, NJ — A New Jersey youth softball team has earned the right to play in its first overseas tournament.

The journey is precious and, as CBS2’s Astrid Martinez reported Monday, they may not be able to make it without a little help.

Off the field, 10-year-old Kaitlyn Cabrera seems a little shy. But on the hill she is unstoppable.

“I like to play softball because it’s entertaining,” said Kaitlyn, a player of the Paterson Divas.

Teammate Ari Rodriguez shares Kaitlyn’s determination.

“The best thing is to see my friends and see the smiles on their faces when we win a match,” Ari said.

This youth softball team has spent countless hours on the winning record. It sets the Paterson Divas apart from their competition.

“My team is a very good team,” said another player.

The girls have been so successful and are ready to travel to their first tournament, but the team is short of money to get there. They need $15,000 to get all 13 players and three coaches there.

“We need a lot of money, so we’ve done some fundraisers,” said another player.

Coach Jose Crespo, who is behind the girls’ success, said he won’t let the team down now.

“We’re going to do our best to get there no matter what. But if the community can help us as best we can, it would be much appreciated,” Crespo said.

Help is needed quickly so that the team can travel to Puerto Rico for the tournament, which runs from July 8-10.

The team is raising money to pay for flights and lodging. Click here for more information.

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