Part IV is fun yet not creative

After “Part III” of Obi-Wan Kenobi ended with the third sister recaptured young princess Leia and Ben Kenobi who was badly burned, “Part IV” continues these storylines as Kenobi is placed in a Bacta tank. After the extended Bacta tank flashbacks in Boba Fett’s bookit might be easy to be disappointed that Kenobi only has flashbacks to “Part III” rather than a newly filmed flashback to the Clone Wars era. Despite the overall episode feeling disappointing for a show of this caliber, “Part IV” serves as a flawed, satisfying continuation of this story.

Kenobi and Tala seek help from Roken (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), who refuses to help them. He talks about how he lost his Force-prone husband to the Empire, another example of how this show has expanded the galaxy. While “Part III” played Freck, an average Joe who supported the Empire and their order, Roken’s character shows the exact opposite and the negative ways his life has been affected. As Kenobi and Tala travel to Nur to rescue Leia, we see Kenobi practicing levitation which shows how ignorant he is of the Force and this show will be about him having to reacquaint himself with the Force.

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The scenes where the Third Sister interrogates Leia are one of the weaker elements of the episode. This is the fourth installment of a six-episode miniseries, and the Third Sister has done little to make itself a more compelling villain. The idea of ​​a Jedi turning to the Dark Side and wanting to hunt Kenobi is fascinating, but that backstory has already been accomplished with Darth Vader, one of the most famous villains in movie history. Unfortunately, the Third Sister doesn’t hold a candle to Vader’s threat, especially if he shares the screen with him. She has the potential to be a more interesting villain, but we may have to wait a little longer for that to happen.

Plus, the episode’s story lacks creativity. “Part II” showed Leia in captivity while Kenobi sniffed around and rescued her. This episode repeats the same storyline. The show got off to a strong start, and while it remains incredibly suspenseful, the story gets repetitive and nowhere gets more interesting than it was set up to be. What made this episode different was the inclusion of Tala, an Imperial officer who secretly aids Kenobi. Her scenes have the most suspense in the episode, as she has to avoid getting caught helping Kenobi save Leia, and her quick mind and ability to lie are prominent.

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It’s always nice to see Kenobi with his lightsaber again and “Part IV” does an excellent job of using his skills with the Force to fight the Stormtroopers. The order in which he holds the glass until the right moment and floods the Stormtroopers’ room is excellent, as is his short lightsaber duel. The moment towards the end when T-47 airspeeders arrive and rescue Kenobi, Tala and Leia feels like a deus ex machina with very favorable timing, but it’s an exciting escape nonetheless.

When Vader Force strangles the Third Sister, it’s once more apparent how much more of a villain’s investing Vader is. A show that could have had Vader as the main antagonist instead puts a new, less interesting character as the primary villain. The episode ends on an excellent cliffhanger when we realize the Third Sister is using Leia’s droid to track them down. Obi-Wan Kenobi remains an exciting addition to the Star Wars franchise and this episode delivers the entertainment audiences crave. Will the writing eventually be strong enough to make this show the all-timer it could be? We’ll have to wait.

SCORE: 6/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 6 equates to “Deent”. It does not reach its full potential and is an everyday experience

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