Parents claim that Ezra Miller nursed their child. 18 year old denies it

The parents of Gibson Iron Eyes — a Standing Rock activist who met Ezra Miller when Gibson was 12 — are asking for a protection order on behalf of the now 18-year-old, according to documents obtained by rolling stone† Gibson’s parents claim that their child has mental health issues, is cared for and monitored by Miller, and that the actor gave them a high dose of LSD earlier this year.

In documents filed Tuesday in the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court, Gibson’s parents — Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle — have petitioned Gibson’s behalf for a restraining order in an effort to get their child back into their care after successfully raising were treated. was granted temporary custody of Gibson late last month. Miller is now due to appear in court in South Dakota on July 12. If Miller doesn’t show up, the restraining order will be granted.

“If [they] were from [their] straight-minded and just making jacked-up decisions, I’d say, ‘Okay, you’ve got to learn it the hard way,'” Jumping Eagle tells rolling stone about Gibson. (The activist now mentions “Gibson” about their birth name.) “But [they’re] not only with psychological problems, but there is also a predator that takes advantage of [them] at the same time.”

In an email to rolling stone On Wednesday night, Gibson denied allegations that they were being monitored by the… Flash actor. “The idea that I’ve been brainwashed or forced into any context is grotesquely wrong,” Gibson wrote. “My independence from my family in this way is new and complex, their reaction to my actions is not my responsibility, [and I’ve] tried to have civilian virtual interactions with both of them, but failed.”

Gibson went on to call their parents’ concerns “obviously offensive” and said “Ezra and our crew” will talk about their story “when we see fit.”

“To the media and the public, to believe and sensationalize my parents’ claims is a horrific violation of my dignity and that of Ezra,” Gibson wrote, before thanking those who “make efforts to support, not undermine, my autonomy.” .” (Miller’s attorneys have not responded to repeated requests for comment.)

According to Gibson’s parents, the activist and Miller developed a friendship when Gibson was a tween and Miller was in his early twenties. Miller later invited Gibson to interview their group Sons of an Illustrious Father for: tight magazineand a trip to Europe. “I didn’t understand why Ezra, who was 11 years older than me at the time… [child] …is it okay to take a teenager on a trip”, says Jumping Eagle Rolling stone.

The petition’s submission came just one day after Gibson released their own statement on Instagram saying that Miller has offered nothing but “loving support and invaluable protection during this period of loss,” following the death of a friend named William earlier this year. year.

“I am an adult and I deserve to feel authority in my own body,” Gibson wrote, before adding: “The nature of police intervention in my ‘case’ is unnecessary and it is a waste of time and resources .”

In their post, Gibson accused their parents of “psychological manipulation” and transphobia, calling their parents’ attempts to get Miller out of their lives “traumatically life-changing.” They also said they would seek therapy to address their depression and anxiety.

However, when you speak with rolling stoneGibson’s parents claimed that the former Standing Rock activist had not written the Instagram statement, that Miller had asked Gibson not to carry a phone for their safety, and also “is in control” of their personal belongings, including their ID and passport, and that Gibson has no personal phoneThey also alleged that Miller gave Gibson LSD and alcohol in January, leaving Gibson with a bad day-long trip that led them to fly to South Dakota to pick up their child, who was staying with Miller, and take them to a mental institution. Hopital.

“I Was Worried About” [Gibson’s] safety. [They’re] actually in a mini-R. Kelly situation,” Jumping Eagle says. “It really reminds me of that: how? [they’re] isolate people, distance themselves [them] from [their] family and friends.”

Oliver Ignatius — the music producer who claimed rolling stone that Miller stole music they worked on together – shared that he was “extremely uncomfortable” witnessing the relationship between Gibson and Miller. Ignatius said he initially believed Miller was trying to help Gibson’s singing career.

“I really had to see that their relationship had become totally inappropriate. And that’s about as much as I can really say about it, to be honest,” Ignatius said. “I felt extremely uncomfortable with a lot of other things going on around them and in their environment.” Ignatius declined to comment further.

In addition to the claims about their child, Jumping Eagle also claimed that Miller physically assaulted her while traveling to Santa Monica in late May to pick up Gibson.

Over Zoom showed Jumping Eagle rolling stone purple bruises on her arms that she believes were caused by Miller slamming an Uber car door on her. Jumping Eagle said she filed a police report. rolling stone could not confirm the status of the report, nor whether the bruises were caused by Miller.

“Our main goal is to [Gibson] bring to safety and help [them] find out what’s going on with their mental health,” Jumping Eagle said. “Whatever [they] decide to do with her life, we just want [them] to live independently and make their own decisions in life.”

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