PAPER GIRLS Trailer Provides Time Traveling Conundrum

Time is ticking towards the premiere of Paper Girls on Prime Video. The series, based on the sublime comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, will make its debut on July 29. So it’s fitting that the streaming service release their first Paper Girls teaser trailer exactly one month in advance. It’s not a huge glimpse into what fans will expect, but it’s just enough to leave them wanting more.

In the clip we see that KJ, Mac, Tiff and Erin got themselves in quite a bit of trouble. They somehow time-traveled from 1988 to 2019. This already hints at a slight change in the comics, where they end up in 2016 after the events that took place on “Hell Day,” aka the morning after Halloween. The girls struggle to figure out how to get back home as we see several clips of them in action, narrowly escaping danger. But the real kicker is the introduction of mature Erin through the teaser.

The paper delivery quartet somehow arrives at her home much to her surprise. Adult Erin doesn’t want to believe this is real, but finds child Erin at her door insisting it’s real. What a wild encounter. Younger Erin has a bloody shirt on, which means it can’t mean anything good, very bad things have already happened. There is a specific incident from the early releases of Paper Girls that could be the culprit, but we’ll have to wait and see. It’s already clear that the show will deviate from the source material for the show. But one thing remains the same: the minds and looks of our titular paper girls.

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Hopefully the Paper Girls teaser trailer will also bring in newcomers to this time-traveling universe and encourage them to read the comic. Only a month to catch up and board before they leave. Tap, tap, tap…

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