Panel discussion Defending Australia: how to watch the live stream

Solutions to some of the most complex issues plaguing Australia’s defensive efforts will be unearthed at The Advertiser’s signature Defending Australia event at the University of Adelaide.

The heads of some of the country’s largest defense companies will speak at the roundtable following a speech by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas.

Backed by leaders in the defense industry, the Defending Australia campaign highlights the extensive opportunities offered to young people to empower and protect the country by working in the highly skilled, lucrative jobs of the future.


Defending Australia panel discussion in Adelaide with South Australian Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas, following a speech by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Australia is facing a worrying shortage of skilled labor that is jeopardizing the country’s ambitious defense procurement strategy, which sees at least eight nuclear-powered submarines and nine Hunter-class frigates being built in Adelaide.

More than 10,000 additional workers will be needed over the next 15 years to build the resources needed to protect the nation in a region that has become the epicenter of global tensions.

The Defending Australia event includes two panel discussions – the first with Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Colin Stirling and University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Peter Hoj, who have just signed a landmark agreement to merge with UniSA by 2026 and one of the world’s top – 50 university.

The first panel, hosted by The Advertiser Editor-in-Chief Paul Starick, will also feature TAFE SA Executive Director of Academic Development, Penny Johnston.

Mr. Malinauskas, along with some of the country’s top defense heavyweights, will be part of the main panel to be presented by advertising editor Gemma Jones.

Ben Hudson, CEO of BAE Systems Australia, and David Ruff, boss of Babcock Australasia, will discuss some of the most important questions about the country’s defence.

Graeme Hunter, CEO of KHA Defense Solutions, and Richard Price, CEO of Defense SA, will also be part of the panel.

BAE managing director Craig Lockhart said he welcomed the creation of a national workforce and skills task force, but said it was time for action.

“Now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road,” he said.

“We need everyone to understand the critical importance of current and future defense programs that underpin Australia’s defense and national security.”

Mr Ruff said there had “never been a more exciting time” to start a career in the defense industry, while Mr Price said the growing defense sector would make the country a global manufacturing powerhouse.

Mr Hunter said the Defending Australia campaign had created awareness of issues and opportunities as the industry was “in the midst of a generational change”.

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