Standouts and historic firsts from Eastern European artists and curators at the Venice Biennale

The 59th Venice Biennale opened against the backdrop of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing rise of authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, as Vladimir Putin’s closest ally, Viktor Orban, had just won his fourth term as prime minister of Hungary. At this point, determined by war crimes and the oppression of minority groups, it … Read more

Retired man worked at the same company for 30 years, was asked to come back a year later because they realized how important he was

At least once in our lives, we have been victims of rather unhealthy work cultures: greedy management, overly competitive colleagues ready to stab you in the back at any opportunity, frequent burnout and all the other potential points that help employees recognize that they’re, indeed, working in a toxic environment. Understanding your worth is very … Read more

Paul Cézanne paintings never seen in the UK to be exhibited at Tate Modern | Paul Cezanne

Twenty-two paintings by the influential Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne never seen before in the UK will be on display in a “once-in-a-generation exhibition” at Tate Modern in the fall. These include the acclaimed Still Life with Fruit Bowl, on loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which confirmed Cézanne’s reputation as one … Read more

There will be ‘pressure’ on Albanians to ‘end detention at sea’

Gideon Rozner of the Institute of Public Affairs says “there will be pressure” on opposition leader Anthony Albanese “to reverse the offshore detention and our strong response to unauthorized offshore arrivals”. Independent Kooyong candidate Monique Ryan admitted yesterday that refugee flows should increase by 50 percent and end detention at sea, during the Sky News … Read more

Fed Live: Briggs at Fed Square

Catch a free show from the trailblazing Australian rapper, featuring sets from up-and-coming solo artist Kee’ahn, party DJ Soju Gang and neo-soul group Izy. Live music is Melbourne’s beating heart and for its new late night event series Art After Dark, Fed Square is bringing it back to the Main Square stage with a ripper … Read more