Ozark Star’s New Movie Is A Prequel To The Classic Horror Film

Apartment 7A possible spoilers to follow.

Ozark star Julia Garner’s upcoming movie Apartment 7A appears to be a secret prequel to the classic 1968 horror rosemary baby

Earlier this year it was announced that Garner would play the lead role in the psychological thriller and… A quiet place‘s John Krasinski was supposed to produce, but the plot has remained a closely guarded secret.

utilities, damn disgusting has claimed that they are talking about “good authority” that Apartment 7A will tell the story of the events leading up to rosemary baby, focused on the woman who died not long after Rosemary moved in.

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Krasinski was also attached to a remake of rosemary baby 15 years ago.

While IMDb listings aren’t always accurate for projects in production, names of major characters from classic horror, including Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse and Roman Castevet, are mentioned as part of Apartment 7A

Garner’s co-stars in the new film are Dianne Wiest, Kevin McNally and Marli Siu.

Directed by Natalie Erika James, Apartment 7A wrapped up filming earlier this month.

rosemary baby


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Garner was cast as Madonna in a big-screen biopic last month, after going through a rigorous audition process that included extensive choreography sessions and script readings.

Madonna, who is directing the project, previously said she hoped “to convey the incredible journey that life has taken me as an artist, musician, dancer – a human being trying to find her way in this world”.

She added: “The focus of this film will always be music. Music has kept me going and art has kept me alive.”

All four seasons of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix.

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