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Shootings at a nightclub in Oslo have left two people dead and several seriously injured and 14 others rushed to hospital. Police believe the gunfire occurred in three different locations

At least two killed in shooting at Oslo nightclub

Two people have been killed and several “seriously injured” among 14 others rushed to hospital after shootings at an Oslo nightclub – with police calling it an “active” situation.

Emergency services rushed to London’s pub on Rosenkrantz Road in the city center after receiving reports of gunfire at around 1.15am.

Panic spread with as many as “20 shots” on the street near the nightclub and people ran for shelter.

Police believe the shooting took place at three different locations and two firearms were found.

There are three active crime scenes and police believe there was only one attacker, but are not ruling out more.

Of the 14 taken to hospital, three were seriously injured

A suspect has been arrested by police near the London pub.

Police Chief Tore Barstad has confirmed that two people have died, while 14 others have been taken to hospital and three are in serious condition.

“Several shots have been fired at a nightclub in the city center. We will be back with more information. There have been injuries,” the Norwegian police tweeted.

They then updated it to say that two people had died.

“Two people have been confirmed to have died in the shooting. Several have been seriously injured,” it said.

“Police define the situation as a PLIVO (ongoing) incident.”

The shooting is said to have broken out around 1.15 am local time, sparking panic in the nightclub and causing people to flee.

A witness said they heard up to 20 shots

The club is popular with the gay community and this weekend Pride is celebrated in Oslo.

A local journalist saw the shooting take place and said he saw the attacker take a gun from a bag.

“I saw a man with a bag come to the spot, he grabbed a weapon and started shooting,” says NRK reporter Olav Ronneberg.

A witness who had been to the nightclub said he believed up to 20 shots had been fired.

“I was down the street when I heard 10, 15, maybe 20 shots. Then people started running,” the clubber told Dagbladet.

The police quickly arrived at the London pub in the city center


NTB/AFP via Getty Images)

He said that many people had been hiding in a smoking area near the London pub and that a huge police force was soon on the scene.

“I’ve never seen so many blue lights in Oslo,” he added.

Another person at the bar said he had been hit by glass and that panic quickly spread.

“I was in London’s outer bar (pub) when it happened. I just noticed a shot had been fired and I was hit by a shard of glass,” he told NRK.

“More and more shots were fired, so I ran to the inner part of the bar and tried to get as many people as possible.

“At first people didn’t understand what was going on, but then there was panic.”

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