Opinion: How big stars are killing the film industry!

Sometimes the greed to extort more money from the people produces negative results. The heroes and top directors wanted to increase the ticket prices of their films and begged the government until their desires were fulfilled. But the result must now be shocking to them.

I went to the 12:30pm show at Inorbit Mall on the first day of ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’. I was shocked to see that the first two rows were empty. This never happens for big hero movies in general.

I had a similar experience with the ‘Acharya’ first day show. The theater was not full. I spent Rs 700 including Rs 350 for the ticket and the rest for a bottle of water and snack. If I planned it with all my family it would have cost me Rs 2000 or more.

The movie heroes are killing their own industry by increasing the budget for making movies by raising their fees to exorbitant heights. If the movies come out in OTT in a month or 45 days, why would anyone spend thousands of rupees in the cinema?

The movie industry has lost its middle class family audience with these ticket prices. The big star films caused that audience class to alienate themselves from the theater experience. As a result, they don’t even think about watching a good movie with middle-class actors. The best example in this category is ‘Ashokavanam Lo Arjuna Kalyanam’.

It’s high time for great heroes to master their greed and save their own industry.


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