Only people with a top IQ can figure out what’s hiding in these images – so what can you see?

Thumbs twiddling this weekend? We’ve got just the thing to keep you and your brain busy!

A painter famous for his optical illusionary work has shared his latest works and they are among his most mind-boggling.


Can you find out what is hidden in this image?Credit: Instagram/@lee_wagstaff
Only those with a top IQ will be able to figure it out


Only those with a top IQ will be able to figure it outCredit: Instagram/@lee_wagstaff
Lee Wagstaff's paintings are designed to stun


Lee Wagstaff’s paintings are designed to stunCredit: Instagram/@lee_wagstaff

Lee Wagstaff’s paintings hide something in everyone, and his latest series are particularly difficult to untangle.

The geometric shapes, lines and grids in the paintings make it extremely difficult to pick out identifying features, but those with a higher IQ should be able to untangle the image.

A study from Current Biology found that people with above-average IQs are naturally able to ignore the less relevant details of the picture and focus on the specific shapes.

So can you find out what is hidden?

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If you could figure out that there’s a woman behind every picture, you probably have a higher IQ.

Q, which stands for Intelligence Quotient, is a way of measuring one’s intelligence and mental understanding.

An IQ test can determine exactly what someone’s intelligence is, using a series of mental exercises to measure their mental agility.

Most tests usually have two parts – verbal and performance – and cannot be faked as you may or may not answer the questions.

However, some argue that IQ tests are not an accurate way of measuring one’s ability and that the test is “fundamentally flawed”.

Lee Wagstaff’s signature style is to hide a woman behind each of his paintings.

Lee, who studies at Central St Martins, says of his work: “A recurring theme in my work is pattern. I am drawn to patterns that predict and perhaps defy cosmic order.

“When I make art, I think about whether it is still possible to create images and objects that embody ideas about faith, beauty and truth.”

Eagle-eyed readers should be able to spot a woman behind every portrait


Eagle-eyed readers should be able to spot a woman behind every portraitCredit: Instagram/@lee_wagstaff

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