One Piece Fan Art presents Gear 5 Luffy as the ultimate pirate king

A new piece of fan art depicts Luffy as the legendary Pirate King who, powered by Gear 5 abilities, forms a strikingly imposing figure.

It would be no imagination to say that every pirate captain, first mate, quartermaster or gunner who sails the world’s seas in A piece wanted to be the legendary pirate king Monkey D. Luffy does just that in new fan art. However, one of the main obstacles in his quest was the ability that makes him so special, namely his “gum-gum power” vulnerability to water. However, the new Gear Five form seemingly unlocks an ability that eliminates this vulnerability. If this is the case, Gear Five will bring Luffy closer to making his dream come true. Nothing showcases the potential link between Gear Five and Luffy’s future as the Pirate King quite as exquisitely as a new piece of fan art from Shyrose on Twitter.


Luffy wanted to be a pirate ever since he met Redhead Shanks as a child. After accidentally eating a devil fruit known as the Gum-Gum fruit, he gained the ability to stretch every part of his body like a rubber band. The problem is, his Gum-Gum powers aren’t particularly suited to pirates. The more he comes into contact with water, the more helpless he becomes. However, Luffy’s “Gum-Gum power” is awakened in his all-out battle with Kaido. As a result, Luffy has unlocked an unprecedented power reserve known as Gear Five which by all indications overcomes all the vulnerabilities he experienced with it. Indeed, with Gear Five, no one seems to pose much of a threat to his goal of becoming the Pirate King.

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on Twitter, Shyrose’s (@Shyroceruss) image of Luffy sitting on a throne perfectly depicts what a Pirate King Luffy with Gear Five abilities would look like. First, there’s Luffy’s fire-like hair, given that Luffy covered his hair with a straw hat for most of the series, arguably one of the most surprising physical transformations Gear Five brought about. Second, there are the striking eyes that bring Shyrose to life even more than their depiction in the manga. They are the kind of eyes that will serve a pirate king Luffy well, as they are sure to weaken the spine of any pirate or government official who comes before him.

Another important element of the image is the inclusion of the Gear Five. While Gold D. Roger, the erstwhile king of the pirates, was almost unstoppable, his power did not come from a devil fruit, but rather from Haki. A Pirate King Luffy, on the other hand, would not only have the Haki, but also the Gear Five capabilities. That is, Luffy will be the strongest Pirate King ever. The image of Shyrose emphasizes this point with the “Gear Fifth” lettering floating behind Luffy’s back in front of the headboard of the throne.

If Pirate King, life would be easier, power would be more complete and enjoying a day off would be more acceptable. Despite his long-standing desire to become the Pirate King, the promise of Shyrose’s image is just that: a pursuit of Luffy to work towards in the ongoing quest for the A piece

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