One Piece Artist addresses animation critics in viral tweets

Anime fandom has grown to new heights in recent years and as the global community has grown, it has become easier than ever to talk about. From tempo to writing and beyond, fans are ready to discuss most things when it comes to anime, and animation is often the first thing that comes up. This became apparent in the wake of A piece‘s most recent episode, when fans competed over its animation, and an artist goes viral after addressing those critics directly.

The conversation started after animator Henry Thurlow posted an address on Twitter A piece episode 1018. It was there that the fan-favorite artist addressed fans who felt disappointed by the release. Some expected this to happen if: A piece episodes 1016 and 1017 were true spectacles when it came to animation. So when sakuga elitists came? A pieceThurlow shared the following:

“I wonder what the people who complain about TV anime every week think about older shows, the shows I loved. DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho, Hokuto no Ken, Berserk, Kenshin etc. They rarely had “crazy/smooth” animations. Just great art, great characters and story, and were perfect the way it is. As someone who has probably watched anime every day since high school and then devoted my life to it, the concept of “quality” of today’s fans confuses me. Older series had better art and less animation I think, but the old OVAs blow everything current out of the water,” they shared.

Thurlow went on and on with specific critiques of episode 1018. It seems some fans were unhappy with the use of energy auras, and their complaints were answered promptly.

“Yeah, I was. And I’ve literally been doing it for years again and again and again. And because I know you don’t like it, next time I’m going to make it an even bigger aura. Blue and red flames all at once , several layers at once. I can’t wait,” the artist shared.

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“After this thread I’m going to try to make the biggest aura *ever* in anime. Like Gon’s hair from Social Security a kind of aura. I’m also going to add some filler of Enel on the moon looking down and saying, ‘Wow, that aura is getting close to me!'”

As you can imagine Throwlow gets a lot of love for their discussion about A piece‘s animation. It’s always enlightening to hear from creators on the subject, and that’s doubly true when A piece is the subject at hand. After all, the show has reigned on top of the anime industry for decades, and this year is going to be an exceptional year for the show!

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