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Cleanup of the Lockhart Chemical Company spill into the Flint River continues and nearly 14,000 gallons have been extracted so far.

Birds and turtles affected have been cleaned and released, and nine out of 10 infested areas of shrubs and trees have been cleaned, but officials have not yet identified the exact breach.

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“We know the location, we’ve pinpointed it, but this is a site with decades and decades and decades of industry on that exact stretch of land,” said Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. “So, to dig down we have to do it carefully and I think it was best described as an autopsy of the dirt.”

At the moment there is still some residual flow that is collected by the booms.

There is a cease and desist order against Lockhart of the town of Flint.

“That will remain in effect until they agree to full compliance with the law, and ensure that we can remove this problem from our area once and for all,” Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley said.

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While there’s no exact number yet, Sheriff Swanson estimated the damage well into the millions of dollars.

The no-contact order is still in effect for the entire Flint River in Genesee County, from Stepping Stone Falls to Barbara Park in Montrose.

“We have crews who, during the cleanup, are also cleaning up extra debris and things found in the river to not only get the contamination out of the water, but to make the water a better place than what it was before this emergency started. said Genesee County Commissioner Domonique Clemons.

Swanson said he doesn’t know the exact substance in the river yet, as tests are being done.

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