NYC subway slash started with loud music

According to a criminal charge, a subway train in The Bronx that left a man with severed wrists started playing loud music.

“Turn down your music, you f–king f—-t,” Runadieo Jordan, 52, reportedly yelled at his 31-year-old victim on the No. 2 train near Third Avenue and 149th Street around 1:00 a.m. p.m. Wednesday, the document says.

The victim replied, “What did you say to me?” is in the complaint.

At that moment, Jordan would have drawn his knife and cut the man’s right wrist.

The victim had severed arteries that required him to undergo two surgeries, and he still has limited use of his wrist, the document said.

Jordan fled the train after the attack, but was arrested a day later on suspicion of heroin possession in Manhattan — then charged with beatings while still in custody for the drug rap, officials said.

He was slapped with a litany of charges in the transit case, including assault, criminal weapon possession and aggravated harassment, court records show.

After his arrest, the suspect was watched and said, “Yes, that’s me. I always travel by train. What about it?” according to the indictment.

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