Nvidia Shield ‘night listening’ feature balances audio while watching movies after hours

Have you ever had to play “sound control” late at night while watching an action movie because the characters are whispering and explosions are as loud as the commercials in between? Oh yeah? Me too. Unfortunately, on my Chromecast with Google TV, I find myself constantly pressing the volume up and down buttons while watching something. Unfortunately for most of us this has become second nature, and we do it without thinking, but Nvidia has a solution for this.

In the Nvidia Shield Experience update 9.1, a new ‘night listening’ mode will reduce the volume of those loud sounds like explosions and the like (via HDMI only), while dynamically increasing the volume of dialogues and other quiet things. I feel like this should have been a thing decades ago, but it is what it is.

In addition, Shield TV now automatically switches your television to low-latency “game mode” while you’re playing a game or making a video call. As soon as you watch content again, the game mode will be turned off. Previously, you had to manually turn this on and off.

Other features also come with 9.1 (and a ton of bug fixes too!). See below for a full list of the company’s blog post.

  • Adds support to automatically enable game mode on supported TVs (ALLM)
  • Adds night listening mode (HDMI audio only)
  • Adds option to specify network workgroup when connecting to SHIELD via local network
  • Adds an option to create your own password when connecting to SHIELD via local
  • [SHIELD Pro 2019] Adds AI upscaling support for 60Hz HDR10 video
  • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds option to wake SHIELD only with power or NETFLIX button
  • [Game Controllers] Adds option to activate SHIELD only with logo button
  • Adds an option to match uncompressed audio with Dolby reference volume levels
  • Added option to disable HDR/Dolby Vision content display
  • Adds notification when app uses microphone

Finally, the YouTube TV app just got 5.1 surround sound for more immersive audio, and the Disney+ app just got IMAX enhanced rendering, giving you a larger aspect ratio so you can see 26% more of the original image on screen.

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