Nude bathing in water channels and vandalism of Renaissance churches… The return of the excesses of tourists in Venice

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Parallel to the summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere, the travel industry is in chaos as tourists are determined to take some “revenge travel,” a phenomenon that is making people tired of their daily routines. due to the closure Travel to nearby countries for a short break.

The atmosphere in Venice is perfect for this, with visitors misbehaving.

The past two weeks have seen a plethora of tourist abuses in the city, from nude swimming in UNESCO-protected canals to the vandalism of one of the city’s famous churches.

On the night of May 15, the facade of the Church of the Savior was uncovered vandalism, the church he designed Architect Andrea Palladio during the Renaissance, and the venue hosts arguably the city’s most famous festival.

Vandals painted part of the facade of the Church of the Savior pink., plain_textCredit: Luigi Brugnaro

Part of the facade, built in white Istrian stone, in relation to Istria, which was part of the Venetian Empire when the church was built, was painted pink, with an inscription above it resembling a mathematical equation.

This three square meter section is located under the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi.

It was said that a local who tried to clean the paint exacerbated the damage by using water, which allowed the color to penetrate deeper into the porous stone.

Vandalism is tackled by art restorers who work for the government.

Two American tourists go naked for a swim in a canal in Venice, plain_text

The incident follows the vandalism of the Basilica of Sant’Antonin in Venice, whose walls were covered in graffiti a few days ago, according to local newspaper La Nova.

Meanwhile, another “artist” has poured light blue paint on a bridge in one of the main streets leading into town from the train station, Fondamenta dei Garzotti, and appears to have written “freedom” in the paint.

Two American tourists decided on Thursday evening to take off their clothes and swim naked in a canal in the residential area of ​​Castillo.

Shocked local residents saw the two men swim in the water for five minutes while neighboring houses drained their sewers, before returning to their homes.

And the video surveillance systems deployed helped solve some of the problems, as authorities had already tracked down the person responsible for the destruction of the Church of the Saviour, who was accompanied by two friends.

According to the municipality, the three participated in a street art event earlier in the day.

Authorities scoured social media to find out who the culprit might be, and found a street artist signing his works with designs that resemble a mathematical equation.

Police are now reviewing CCTV footage of the two men swimming naked.

Fondamenta dei Garzotti before it was vandalized, plain_textCredit: Lotti Fabio / Adobe Stock

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, described the vandalism as a “scar” on the basilica, which he described as a “symbolic site of the Venetian tradition”.

He wrote on Twitter: “The perpetrators must not go unpunished, they must pay the price!”, calling for more powers to be given to justices of the peace.

In another tweet, he noted the damage to the Rio Marine Bridge: “It will take hours to repair at a cost we can’t estimate yet. We should keep these barbarians in a dungeon for at least two nights.”

“Enough of this vandalism,” the mayor wrote after another incident, referring to the destruction of a religious statue in Marghera, mainland Venice.

“The city must be respected,” he added.

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