NSW floods worsen; Hawkesbury, Nepean rivers overflow; Road closures in Sydney are growing; Lansvale, Londonderry, Sackville North, Richards, Emu Plains, Pitt Town, Lower Portland, Agnes Banks, South Maroota issued SES evacuation orders

Warragamba Dam has spilled over 500 gigaliter from the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers per day.

Even as the rain begins to ease this afternoon, the water collection system will continue to pull water downstream, causing fluctuating river levels and debris until at least the end of the week.

Earlier this morning, Emergency Services Minister Steph Cooke said the issue of raising the sheet pile was “complex” as it was built not for mitigation, but for water supply.

She confirmed that emergency services will continue to provide information about the dam to the government, which will inform the decision.

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