Noodle, the TikTok-famous “bones or no bones” pug, has passed away

(CNN) — Noodle, the geriatric pug who won hearts on the internet for his “bones or no bones” ritual, has died aged 14, his owner says.

Jonathan Graziano, Noodle’s owner, announced that his beloved dog passed away on Friday, in a tearful update on his TikTok and Instagram.

“This is incredibly sad, it’s incredibly difficult,” Graziano said in the video. “It’s a day I always knew would come, but never thought would come.

“While this is very sad, I wanted to let you know and I wanted to encourage you to celebrate as we navigate through this sadness.”

Noodle died at home in his owner’s arms, Graziano said.

“He has made millions of people happy,” he said. “Thank you for loving him. Thank you for embracing us.”

Graziano adopted Noodle when the dog was 7 years old. The duo rose to fame on social media in 2021, after Graziano started posting videos of the pug on TikTok every morning.

In each video, Graziano stood Noodle upright to see if the dog could stand on its own. If he got up alone, it was a “bone day” — which quickly became internet code for a day to get out of bed and make the most of your day.

On the other hand, if the pug relapsed, it was a “boneless day” — aka a day for self-care and relaxation. More than 4 million followers tuned in to see if Noodle had bones for the day.

“I had absolutely no idea that this would become the barometer in which the nation predicted how their day would go,” Graziano previously told CNN.

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