‘No other choice’: British climate activists glue themselves to Vincent van Gogh’s painting to stop fossil fuel projects

Climate activists have glued their hands to a 19th-century painting by Vincent van Gogh in London – aiming to prevent the government from signing up for future fossil fuel projects. See the photos here.

Climate activists in London have taken the extraordinary step of clinging to a famous 19th-century painting in an effort to halt future fossil fuel projects.

Two protesters from the “Just Stop Oil” group made their way to the Courtauld Gallery before attaching their hands — with glue — to Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 painting “Peach Trees in Blossom”.

Bystanders enjoying the art gallery then began filming the couple standing on opposite sides of the painting — their hands glued firmly to the frame.

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“Sorry everyone, we don’t want to do this,” said one of the protesters.

“We are glued to this painting, this beautiful painting, because we are terrified of our future.

“We expect to be arrested today.”

He continued, arguing that the UK government is responsible for signing “death warrants” for every new fossil fuel project it signs up for.

“We are here today as the UK government pushes through over 40 new fossil fuel projects,” he said.

“With every single project they sign, it’s like we’re signing our death warrant – my generation has no choice but to take this kind of action.

“If there was another way to get the change we need, we would have done it.

“We’ve tried everything else.”

More images on social media shortly after showed police officers climbing the stairs in the gallery. It is unknown if there is any damage to the artwork.

After the stunt, the responsible group complained via social media about the protection of works of art.

“A work of art gets this protection and state concern,” Just Stop Oil said on Twitter.

“While people in Ethiopia, Somalia, India, Pakistan, US, Australia (to name a few) who are suffering from climate change are NOW being ignored and left.

“What’s more important? This painting? Or a future?!”

It is not the first time in recent days that climate activists have taken part in public demonstrations.

This week, Blockade Australia climate activists took to the streets in Sydney, blocking major roads.

NSW police arrested and charged ten people on Monday after protesters attempted to halt traffic in the CBD and northern Sydney.

Last week, frustrated motorists collided with environmentalists blocking a busy highway during a demonstration in Rome.

Footage shows activists from the Last Generation group, which is supported by Extinction Rebellion, along the Raccordo highway, one of the city’s busiest beltways.

Protesters holding banners and wearing hi-vis ignored the sound of horns blaring as they formed a roadblock, backing traffic hundreds of feet.

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