No more gray skies now that Bluey is back

Sure, a long weekend vacation is fun. You know what’s more fun? The return of everyone’s favorite cartoon dog family.

(Image: Blue)

Another striking performance on Monday evening by Ten, with MasterChef Australia (772,000 national) and Did you pay attention? (840,000) winning from 7.30pm-9.30pm and easily dusting the opposition both in the total number of people and the demos.

sevens Big Brother could only handle 545,000 – and yes, the audience will increase by about 50% to over 700,000, maybe 800,000, on the seven-day viewing/streaming numbers, but it will still lag Chef and HYBPA? in total people and the demos. Likewise, Nine is terrible Famous Pupil — 571,000, who like BB will reach nearly 700,000, if not more, on the seven-day figures.

The breakfast and morning TV numbers were lower than usual due to the holiday.

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