No 10 under pressure to publish Lord Geidt’s resignation letter

dOminic Raab, the deputy prime minister, suggested that Lord Geidt’s “rather rough whims” by MPs from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday could have played a role in his resignation.

When asked why Lord Geidt had quit, Mr Raab told Sky News: “Well, of course the reasons mentioned went overnight but were very limited. He just said he thought it was the right time to step down. Let me tell you what I know.

“First of all, he was engaged to the Prime Minister in number 10 this week and was discussing a six-month stay, so I think I understood that he was committed to the role.

“I think he was nicked pretty rough by MPs this week. I think we in the media as politicians sometimes underestimate how officials feel about that kind of investigation.

“And thirdly, there was a particular issue, a commercially sensitive issue in the national interest, that he was asked about. I don’t know what aspect of this, I suspect there will be an update to No 10 later, in fact I know there will be.”

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