Nine Inch Nails Cover Two David Bowie Songs At Raleigh Tour Opener: Watch:

Trent Reznor Wants To Bring Nine Ninch Nails Back On Stage For A While long time. After numerous canceled festival dates and pandemic-induced false starts, NIN finally played their first show since 2018 last night. The band announced a short tour in February, and they kicked off that tour last night at Raleigh’s Red Hat Amphitheater. (Boy Harsher opened the show; other dates will be Yves Tumor or 100 Gecs as openers.) During the show, Reznor and his band played most of the NIN classics you’d expect, and they also took the time to play a salute from Reznor’s heroes.

According to The news and the observer, NIN played for about an hour and 45 minutes last night. At one point, Reznor said to the crowd, “I missed being here. I missed the connection. Thank you.” In the second half of the set, NIN played two songs by Reznor’s late friend and collaborator David Bowie.

First NIN did ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’, a song that would be very familiar to any NIN fan. Reznor co-produced Bowie’s single in 1997, and he starred in the video. Nine Inch Nails has covered that song on many shows, including during their tour opener in 2017. They followed that cover with a version of Bowie’s 1980 hit “Fashion.” Nine Inch Nails has never covered that song live before, but Reznor played that. number last year with his regular collaborator Atticus Ross and his wife and How To Destroy Angels band member Mariqueen Maandig during a Bowie tribute livestream. Both songs sounded sick. Check out fan-made videos of both covers below. Also check out last night’s setlist, via

01 “Somewhat damaged”
02 “The Day the World Went Away”
03 “The Fragile”
04 “The Wretched”
05 “March of the Pigs”
06 “1,000,000”
07 “Survivalism”
08 “little pig”
09 “Nearby”
10 “The Perfect Medicine”
11 “Becoming”
12 “This Isn’t The Place”
13 “Every Day Is Exactly The Same”
14 “I’m Afraid Of Americans” (cover David Bowie)
15 “Fashion”
16 “Alone”
17 “The Hand That Feeds”
18 “Head Like a Hole”

19 “Reptile”
20 “And That Could Have Been All That”
21 “Hurt”

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