Nicola Sturgeon outraged by refusal to fire Ian Blackford – ‘ridiculous’ fiasco | Politics | News

The Prime Minister stated that the SNP contingent in Westminster “had to answer and answer questions here”. But Ms Sturgeon has failed to remove Mr Blackford from office despite his efforts to downplay the charges against Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady.

Appeals have been made to Mr Blackford after a recording appeared last weekend calling on other SNP MPs to rally around Mr Grady despite promising SNP staff “zero tolerance” to harassment last year.

Ms Sturgeon told MSPs on Thursday that the recording was “totally unacceptable” and offered to meet with the victim.

Ms Sturgeon has maintained that Mr Blackford expressed “great regret” that Mr Grady’s victim felt “unsupported” by the SNP after filing a complaint.

But Mr Blackford appeared to be feeling the pressure on Friday when he insisted during a televised interview that he had “done nothing wrong”.

However, Mr Blackford withdrew his previous support for Mr Grady, urging him to “think carefully” about his conduct and consider his position.

Ms Sturgeon was faced with questions as to why Mr Grady was twice nominated as an SNP candidate in 2016 and promoted to chief whip following the scandal.

After the victim complained about the SNP’s inaction to parliamentary authorities, Mr Grady stepped down as the head whip.

Speaking at the Royal Highland Show near Edinburgh Airport, Ms Sturgeon said she took the victims’ complaint “seriously” and apologized “unconditionally”.

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Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross criticized Ms Sturgeon arguing that it was “ridiculous” for her to criticize Mr Blackford while insisting she had faith in him.

He said: “The two positions do not meet.

“You can’t say the words were ‘totally unacceptable’, but the person who said those words still has your complete confidence.

“It’s a position that, frankly, is ridiculous and in this case disappointing the victim, who has been extraordinarily brave to lift the lid on it all.”

Speaking to Parliament after being suspended for two days for his actions, Mr Grady said: “I am very sorry for my behavior and I deeply regret my actions and my consequences.

“Any violation of the code of conduct could bring this house into disrepute and cause stress and distress not only to the plaintiff but also to the wider parliamentary community.

“Mr Chairman, I give you and this House my firm assurance that I have learned important lessons through this process and a firm commitment that such behavior on my part will never happen again.

“I repeat my unreserved apology to the complainant and extend that apology to you, Mr Speaker of this House and his staff, to the residents of Glasgow North, my constituency staff, local party members, family friends and anyone affected by my conduct. one way or the other.”

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