new rom-com transports Jane Austen to a queer island paradise

“That happened to me twice on the island, when I went into a party and told a white gay boy I was at the wrong house,” Booster admits after asking him about his inspiration for one of the recurring jokes in the series. movie.

Matt Rogers, Bowen Yang and Tomas Matos in a scene from the movie.Credit:Jeong Park/Searchlight Photos

“What drew me to the film was that Joel had really perfectly conceived this reinterpretation of a story that people love. Pride and Prejudice”, says actor Bowen Yang, who plays Howie, and is a current Saturday Night Live cast member, “and mapped it to this place and this location and this sense of family chosen that was very, very important to me.”

While not afraid to pick apart the flaws of the queer community, there’s a real sense of celebration and joy about the film’s concept of queer romance, which feels specifically queer and recognizable.

“That was paramount to me when I was writing the film because so much of the media targeting our community is about our trauma. And those are all valid stories to tell, I just think there’s It’s kind of an imbalance, and I really wanted to write a movie that celebrates not only the family of choice, but also the queer joy.”


That feeling comes through – the film is bright and funny and fun for any audience, but it feels like there’s no movement to make it “tasty” for the straight audience, depicting what feels like specific queer experiences and ideas. I was wondering if a rom-com can be specifically queer, and if so how to do it?

“I think for me it’s about recognizing that we operate on a different level instinctively and intrinsically than many heterosexual people,” Booster replies. “I Didn’t Want To Make It Alone” When Harry Met SallyBut replace the women with men, you know, because we date differently, we interact differently. Different rules apply to us. I guess I wanted to make a story that felt like it was built from the ground up around the weirdness of our dating experiences and not just trying to map it out, you know, like this is how straights fall in love in movies, so let’s just replace the sexes and it will all be the same, you know?”

Fire Island will stream on Disney+ under the Star banner from June 17. It will air as part of the Sydney Film Festival on Friday 10 June and open the Pride on Screen film festival at Melbourne’s Cinema Nova on the same day.

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