New collection exploring the scattered beauty of the island of Gozitan launches this weekend

A new collaborative collection exploring the scattered beauty that the Gozitan island brings with it is launched this weekend in Gozo, with the local landscape as the main form of inspiration.

The ‘Whereabouts’ exhibition, featuring artists Debbie Bonello and Andrew Borg, kicks off on Sunday 12 June at the Il-Ħaġar Museum and Cultural Center in Victoria.

It is the culmination of a close collaboration between these two leading Maltese artists in recent years.

Through this collaboration, they have created paintings both in the studio and on the Plein Air, in Malta and also abroad, including places like Sicily, Italy and China.

The composition consists of two selections of different paintings, which are put together and show the different brushwork of the same subject, in honor of the unique visual language that identifies each artist.

For both Debbie and Andrew, Gozo had never been the center of their careers until now, but for this exhibition their spotlight shifted to focus and focus on places scattered across the island, highlighting the beauty and vibrant colors that make Gozo so spectacular .

These paintings seal moments in time captured on canvas. Both painters spent time in Gozo looking for views, which may not be quite mainstream, but still worth visualizing on canvas.

Unfortunately, the rampant phenomenon of over-development has also reached the smaller island and this is in fact captured in some of the works on display.

This exhibition is about a visual journey for the artists, made simultaneously in Gozo, performed in their own idiosyncratic styles.

The collection of works was created exclusively for the 25th anniversary of the Victoria International Arts Festival.

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