Naga Munchetty turned red after BBC Breakfast guest revealed her Ibiza party

NAGA Munchetty turned red after a BBC Breakfast guest revealed her Ibiza parties on the show.

Rapper Big Zuu – real name Zuhair Hassan – was on the early morning program to talk about the new series Big Zuu’s Big Eats.


Naga Munchetty left in embarrassment after a BBC breakfast guest spoke out about her Ibiza antics
Naga lost her words when Big Zuu talked about her parties


Naga lost her words when Big Zuu talked about her parties
Big Zuu lifted the lid on how the couple met in Ibiza


Big Zuu lifted the lid on how the couple met in Ibiza

However, the conversation changed when Naga’s co-anchor Charlie Stayt, 60, wanted to know how the pair knew each other.

Big Zuu, 27, revealed they last met at Ibiza Rocks, but Charlie had no idea what he was talking about.

He explained: “It was on a Craig David show, Ibiza Rocks is bro? Come on, you know what Ibiza Rocks is.

“So there’s a hotel with a lot of live music and that’s where me and she created our band.

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Naga, 47, was left fuming that he spilled the beans over their Ibiza antics.

Zuu added: “There were a lot of vibes and Craig David was singing.

“No, you don’t want to yield to the nation?”

Naga replied, “There is nothing to admit, there are certain things that happen in life that are kept outside the breakfast studio.

“Big Zuu’s Big Eats returns Monday for a third series, good luck with it.”

As Zuu giggled to herself, Naga added, “Yeah, you sit there and giggle, we’ll have words later. There you sit giggling.”

It comes shortly after Naga and Charlie had a massive outburst, live on the air.

It was missing carrier pigeon Bob, who was found 4,000 miles away from his Guernsey home in Alabama, which was the subject of their altercation and prompted fans to take to Twitter with amusement.

Some even wondered if Naga and Charlie “knew they were live” as their playful spit aired to the nation.

The issue in question arose when Bob’s plight caused the couple to remember a popular song.

Still, they were divided on the name, with Charlie suggesting “Catch the Dove,” while Naga insisting it was “Stop the Dove.”

After a search on the internet, this one screamed with delight: “Stop the dove!

“Ah, there were two, one says stop and one says catch – no, the song is ‘stop the dove, stop the dove, get it, poke it, grab it, stop the dove now.'”

As Charlie tried to protest, Naga shamelessly rolled her eyes.

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Still, he was unwilling to let things lie, as he asked her to “stop for a moment” to let him speak.

Naga fired back, “I’ll stop, shall I?” to direct the question to the staff behind the BBC cameras.

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