Nafa’s Kitchen: Vegan Middle Eastern Food in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver’s growing plant-based food scene has a new addition.

Vancouver’s growing plant-based food scene has a new addition. Nafa’s Kitchen, a fully vegan delivery restaurant, is open.

Nafa’s is a board-based food biz that specializes in a range of Middle Eastern dishes, and all dishes are meat-free.

Chef Tahani Alkashef says her dishes are rooted in a tradition of sharing great food with loved ones. “Getting together around the table is central to Middle Eastern culture and for my family it’s an important part of every day,” explains Alkashef on the Nafa’s Kitchen website. “This ritual offers a sense of community — of belonging — and everything else fades away.”

Nafa’s menu includes well-known dishes such as dips, cereals and salads, soups and wraps. Although you may recognize items as yalanji (stuffed vine leaves) or tabboulehyou also see dishes like information, a phyllo dough bag filled with rice, vegetables and meat. However, since Nafa’s are all plant-based, they use Beyond Meat for their ozi, as well as meatless alternatives such as soy curls in wraps and other items that typically contain meat.

To that end, you can order something called musakhanNafa’s describes as “a ‘meaty’ 12″ tortilla wrap of soy shavings, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, chips, pickles, garlic paste, cumin, cinnamon, and pomegranate molasses. Served with a side of garlic paste.”

Nafa’s has delivery and collection available on multiple order platforms. You will be picked up from their base at Commissary Connect at 401 Industrial Ave in Vancouver. Follow @nafaskitchenvan on Instagram.

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