My neighbor from hell built a brick wall on my property for no reason – and everyone says the same thing

ONE WOMAN has described how she struggles with her little neighbor, who keeps building small brick walls to encroach on her property.

Amanda Lynne took to TikTok to share a video of a brand new 12-inch wall oddly positioned between an existing white fence and what appears to be a metal box.


Amanda Lynn described how her ‘neighbor from hell’ broke into her property with a thin brick wallCredit: TikTok/ Amanda Lynn
Lynn removed the stones one by one and left them in her neighbor's yard


Lynn removed the stones one by one and left them in her neighbor’s yardCredit: TikTok/ Amanda Lynn

“They made another encroachment on my property, so I removed it and left a note for them,” Lynne said of the property line dispute involving her “neighbors from hell.”

The video, which has racked up 225,000 likes, shows Lynn tearing down the thin five-brick long and three-brick high wall – one brick at a time.

She then proceeds to leave the stone on his lawn, near a planting bed.

“Something we don’t do… no sir… next time they’ll be mine,” Lynn, who is from the United States.

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Once she’s cleared all the rocks, Lynn leaves a note that reads, “Stop putting your stuff on my property!!”.

The video of the neighbor’s small wall has sparked a deluge of comments on TikTok.

“There was literally no reason for them to put that there. That was just to be a Richard,” Casey Dowling said, referring to the male version of a Karen — a pejorative slang for an angry, entitled, white female.

Ali Rose replied, “Not just any Richard. A bag of Richards.”

“At least they could have done a good job building that mini-wall,” Uncle Junk also joked.

User Ken, meanwhile, summed up the situation: “Give the neighbors an inch and they’ll ask for a foot. Give them that foot the next you’re in a property dispute.”

Other users have shown their support for Lynn, saying, “I support petty,” while Katie Motko added: “[You] should have stacked it in the shape of a middle finger.”

However, other users wondered why Lynn wasn’t annoyed by the mini-wall.

“Really curious: what do you think about that? It’s only a few blocks,” one user wrote, while another replied, “You’d be a pleasure to live here too [sic]†

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This neighbor feud came after a father claimed his life was turned upside down after his neighbor decided to tear down his house and rebuild it with a 2 meter high terrace level with his fence.

He was forced to spend £50,000 so neighbors couldn’t see into his garden from their patio.

In lieu of the wall, Lynn left a note that read: "Stop putting your stuff on my property!!"


In lieu of the wall, Lynn left a note that read, “Stop putting your stuff on my property!!”Credit: TikTok/ Amanda Lynn

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