My husband spends time alone on his PlayStation

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband will do nothing but spend time on his PlayStation.

It’s like living with a 40-year-old teenager.


My husband spends time alone on his PlayStation – he’s like a 40-year-old teenager

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I am 36. My husband and I have been together for 12 years.

We have three children aged five, four and two.

Last year he broke his leg in a car accident. Then it all went wrong.

He couldn’t go to work or the gym and became addicted to playing FIFA on his PS5.

He plays until the early hours and sleeps all day so I can take care of our kids.

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I feel so stressed and exhausted all the time.

I might as well be a single parent.

DEIDRE SAYS: Find a quiet moment to explain to your husband that his obsession is undermining your relationship.

Let him know how difficult you find things and that you miss being part of a team.

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Make sure he understands that he will lose you if he doesn’t get up.

I am attaching my support package, Standing Up for Yourself, to help you say what to say.

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