My husband broke my heart when he cheated on me with a childhood sweetheart and I’m afraid he will do it again

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband broke my heart when he cheated on me with his childhood sweetheart.

We managed to stay together, but I’m beside myself because he’s going to a school reunion next week and she’ll be there.


My husband broke my heart when he cheated on me with his childhood sweetheart and I’m afraid he will do it again

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I am 41 and my husband is 43. We have been married for 16 years and have two boys aged 12 and 11.

Two years ago, my husband went out for a drink one night with two old school friends, a woman and a man.

I didn’t blink an eyelid because we were happy and I felt safe.

When there was no sign of him the next morning, I started to worry. I called his cell numerous times, but he didn’t answer.

With Find My Phone I could see he was on the other side of town, so I decided to go to the house.

He eventually called while I was on my way.

He told me that he and his male school friend went back to the woman’s house for another drink and that they fell asleep. Something in my gut said he was lying, so I asked if I could talk to this man. I heard a woman in the background.

Stuttering, he said he had just left. So I told him I was on my way and it would be nice to meet his other school friend. Finally my husband admitted that he screwed up.

He couldn’t apologize enough when he got home.

He told me he always liked her at school, but she wasn’t interested. So when she started flirting with him, he lost his head.

We’ve stuck together and managed to work things out, even though he’s never really admitted to cheating.

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I can’t tell him not to go to the reunion because I think it’s unfair, but I’m in tears just thinking about it.

I worry, she flutters her eyelashes again and he wanders off.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your husband’s cheating was a terrible shock. School reunions can be notorious for pushing boundaries in terms of trust between partners.

You cannot change the way you feel. All you can do is voice your opinion and hope your man respects it.

If you trust your husband, talk to him about your fears and let him know that you expect him to act like a happily married man at this reunion.

You have to think about your kids and they will feel the tension even if they haven’t said anything. If only for the sake of them, you have to somehow move this situation.

Arrange your own plans that evening, so that you are not at home thinking about the worst.

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