Mx Burlesque crown changes to gender neutral title

A long-running showcase of Australia’s most glamorous and seductive burlesque performers has changed its name to reflect the diversity of the performers drawn to the art of teasing.

The Australian burlesque competition, previously split under the two titles of Miss Burlesque and Mr Boylesque, has been merged into one and renamed Mx Burlesque.

Executive producer Melanie Piantoni, who performs as A’dora Derriere, said the change was necessary because many non-binary artists did not identify with the titles Miss or Mr.

“They were a non-binary person and they wanted to do this competition for many years, they just weren’t sure which competition to enter.”

The competition to crown the best in burlesque started around 2009 as Miss Burlesque.

Melanie Piantoni, who performs as A’dora Derriere, says she has received positive feedback about the event.Delivered: David Woolley

Breaking Barriers

Mr Boylesque followed shortly afterwards and the two matches have taken place in multiple states in Australia.

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