Muslims can resort to the Gandhian mode of Satyagrah to fight Hindutva

By Arun Srivastava

Meeting of about 5000 clerics, imams and Islamic scholars from across the country in Deoband of Uttar Pradesh to deliberate on issues related to the demolition of mosques and the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) during a two-day session hosted by Ulema-i-Hind was shocked on May 28 to see with tears in his eyes the chief of the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind Maulana Mehmood Madani complaining that the Modi government treated Muslims with contempt and turned a blind eye to the hardships Muslims faced in the country during his regime.

While the two-day congregation called on Muslims to celebrate March 14 as “International Day to Combat Islamophobia”, the main resolution passed was not to succumb to pressure from the Modi government to accept the imposition of a unified civil code. . So far, some Muslim leaders and clerics have opposed the UCC in various forums, marking the first time the entire Muslim community has registered its opposition. The leadership also made clear that they are ready to confront RSS and BJP and called on Muslims to get ready to launch satyagrah (civil disobedience) under the Indian Constitution to preserve Muslim identity and protect that is being systematically eroded by the right-wing forces under Modi’s rule. They don’t even allow the Muslims to walk on the street. This certainly cannot be tolerated.

This is the first time in 8 years of RSS and BJP government led by Narendra Modi that Muslims have raised their voices and told them in a clear and loud voice that enough is enough and that they will fight for their cause. But the decision came with a rider; the Muslim clerics asked Muslims not to openly express their anger against “Hindutva fanatics”. While advising community members to “don’t fight fire with fire”, “defeating hate with love”, and lamenting the government’s silence as “fanatics” try to poison society and weaken the country. Curiously, Modi and Amit Shah have maintained a non-conforming attitude towards the activities of the bigots. Sudden multiplication in the number of hate worshipers has not gone unnoticed. Madani said: “The silence of the government is unfortunate. But we will face this situation and never let the fanatics weaken the country.”

Indeed, the disdain of the RSS and Sangh Parivar for the perseverance and tolerance of the Muslims is reflected in the observation of a senior RSS leader and also a member of the Rajya Sabha who blames Madani for doing politics and describes his tears as tears of crocodiles. It is incomprehensible that RSS can sink so low in its efforts to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra. It is truly depressing that Modi and Shah have refused to express their concern about the plight and oppression that Muslims are undergoing.

Maharashtrian Brahmins who are the core of the RSS and guide its activities owe the people of the country an explanation, why they have tried to stir up the element of Islamophobia? Not only do they provide distorted and misinformation about the Muslim community, Islam and Mughal rulers, they also provide misinformation to the Hindus and keep them in the dark. It is imperative to make the people of both communities aware of their intentions and machinations.

It is worth recalling that in his April 12 letter to Amit Shah, Maulana Madani explicitly stated; “Anti-Islamic provocation by right-wing extremist groups has become a regular pattern often followed by mass violence. The latest are the Ram Navami processions…, after which violence was recorded from many places.” He even pointed out that the local police teams were creating “anxiety psychosis among the minority communities” and urged a “time-bound high-level judicial inquiry” into the violence in Khargone.

Addressing the congregation of Islamic scholars and clerics, Madani pointed out again; “The country is going through a phase of turmoil, but those in government have been tight-lipped, which is a cause for concern for everyone. Muslims face hardships even as they walk the streets of their cities. We will endure any torture, but let no one cut our country to pieces. We can compromise on all issues, but not at the expense of the country and our conscience (zamer).

He warned the rulers that tolerance and perseverance should not be considered their weakness. He said: “We at the Jamiat are torchbearers of peace and want to nurture brotherhood. Therefore, we are ready to face any eventuality.” “We cannot put out fire with fire. We must beat the atmosphere of hatred with love. Be calm and don’t get carried away by the plans of those who want to disintegrate our country,” he said.

If the Modi government was really concerned about the plight and misery of the Muslims, the congregation might not have been held. In fact, through this gathering, the Muslims conveyed a strong message to the Modi government; they are ready to sacrifice, but not to perish. This development would certainly not bode well for the RSS and BJP. They must stop treating others like trite mob.

One thing is absolutely clear that the Hindu fundamentalists are deprived of the true national history. They just imitate and believe the words of their leaders. How could the Hindu society expect a scientific idea and information from the religious fanatics who are themselves ignorant of the correct and scientific history of India.

It is noticeable that the fanatics strongly oppose pro-humans and left-wing historians. This is not without reason. They know that historians like the Hindu fans have not resorted to falsehoods. Indian historians have an impeccable record. What an irony, despite Hindutva scholars and academics failing to prove that Gyanvapi Masjid was built to demolish Shiv Temple,

Incidentally, Maulana Madani had mentioned in his April 12 letter to Amit Shah that the Khargone district administration had demolished 45 “illegal structures” a day after the area witnessed communal clashes during the Ram Navami procession. He sought his intervention to end the “harassment” of Muslims in Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, where he claimed that Muslim properties were “selectively demolished”.

There is no denying that Sangh Parivar is out to destroy the Hindu ethos and the Indian (Bharatiya) cultural ethic by resorting to hate campaigns against the Muslims and demolishing their mosques on the grounds that these were built on the property of temples of Hindu gods and goddesses by Muslim (Mughal) rulers. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah provided the Hindutva robbers with the necessary resources to shape their designs. At no stage during the last 8 years of his rule, Modi came out with a stern warning to these violators to stay away from such criminal activity. The offenders go free if the police do not touch their skin.

On the contrary, the BJP and its leaders have openly provided all kinds of material aid to such elements. It’s ironic that India’s home secretary has marched across the country and publicly threatened Muslims with implementing CAA, NCR and UCC. His behavior was most deplorable. He presents himself as the public face of the Hindus, not the pliable Indians. Both leaders are busy shaping Sangh’s mission to make India a Hindu Rashtra.

With the Hindutva outfits determined to capture Gyanvapi Masjid and Krishna Janambhoomi of Mathura, the Muslim clerics, imams and intellectuals have become alert to the impending social and political attack. The leaders of the Muslim Personal Law Board are concerned that an atmosphere is being created in the country against Muslims. As the dispute between Kashi and Mathura turns ugly, so does the demand to turn Qutub Minar into a Vishnu pillar and open 22 rooms of the Taj Mahal. The Muslims feel that the Muslim community has lost one of its mosques and that it can no longer afford mosques.

The BJP-led government of Uttarakhand has formed a five-member committee of experts, headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and review all relevant laws that affect personal arrange things for those who live. in the state. She also heads the Delimitation Commission of India. Her panel recommended seven additional constituencies; six for Jammu and one for Kashmir. It was done to help the BJP in the state. (IPA service)

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