Mukesh borrowed money from a vegetable vendor to pay child benefit | Bollywood

The late singer Mukesh once had to borrow money from a vegetable seller to pay his son’s school fees, Nitin Mukesh has now revealed. (Also Read: Neil Nitin Mukesh on grandfather comparisons)

Recalling the financial problems Mukesh faced even after hit songs like Awara Hoon and Mera Joota Hai Japani, Nitin Mukesh said, “I have never heard of anyone struggling with so many ups and downs in life. He spent days without drinking water and eating, but the strange thing is that he became ‘The Mukesh Ji’ after singing famous songs like Awara Hoon and Mera Joota Hai Japani, and then struggled for another six to seven years.”

Nitin Mukesh on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.(ZEE TV)

He added: “There was a time when he couldn’t pay the school fees for me and my sister. I still remember there was a vegetable seller near our house who absolutely loved Mukesh Ji and loved his voice so much that he offered to lend him some money. This is how Mukesh Ji paid our school fees. Neither he nor the seller ever allowed this information to reach us.”

The singer also said that their mother would tell them. “Our mom used to tell us everything and say, ‘look how daddy is having a hard time’. These are memories I will never forget, and I pray that I can follow in his footsteps. He never gave up and always said he would come out on top, and he did.

Shankar Mahadevan also said, “These stories will surely inspire and motivate all participants to work hard towards their dreams.”

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