MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Warns Biden: Expand ‘Radical’ Supreme Court to Save America

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan says expanding the Supreme Court from the current nine judges isn’t as “radical” as critics of the idea make out.

And he warned President Joe Biden and the Democrats who control the House and Senate that it could be critical to act now to expand the courtroom to save American democracy.

“The truth is that adjusting the number of judges on the bench is not as polarizing or radical as some cautious and defensive Dems would have you believe,” he said Sunday night.

Hasan said the court hasn’t always had nine judges, noting that Republicans kept the court at just eight for an entire year in 2016.

“Radical is not changing the size of the court,” he said, adding:

“Radical is what this current court has done over the course of its most recent term. The far-right Roberts court has reversed abortion rights, dealt a deadly blow to the separation of church and state, stripped states of the ability to set their own gun control policies, curtailed the federal government’s ability to address climate change and, well, rule, and allowed multiple GOP-led states to continue with functionally racist voting cards.”

Biden, he noted, is not inclined to expand the court, reportedly concerned it would be politically polarizing.

“Are you afraid of polarizing, Mr. President?” he asked. “Unelected judges — five of whom were appointed by presidents who initially lost the popular vote — are destroying our basic rights. That’s what polarizes.”

He warned that one of the court’s next steps, in a case involving the electoral law, could be even more devastating.

“To be clear, the conservative judges on the highest bench in the country who overthrew Roe v. Wade are now just months away from helping to overthrow American democracy as we know it,” he said.

See his full monologue below:

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