ms. Marvel, Wolverine & More Find Love in the New Marvel Romance Series

Love Unlimited is a new weekly Infinity Comic from Marvel Unlimited that will highlight the romance and heartbreak of beloved Marvel heroes.

An upcoming series of Infinity Comics, Unlimited loveis published weekly by Marvel Comics and contain enchanting stories of love and romance, with beloved characters such as Mrs. MarvelWolverineand more. Unlimited love is the latest offshoot of Marvel’s successful Infinity Comics exclusive to the Marvel Unlimited app, and will debut with a 6-part story about the romance between Kamala Khan and Kareem, the Red Dagger.

Love, heartbreak, drama and romantic tension have been at the heart of Marvel Comics for decades, always carefully balanced between intense action and immense bravery, so it’s great to see Marvel explicitly expanding their Infinity Comics into diverse genres. Unlimited love is also another testament to Marvel’s efforts to include queer representation in their overall comic book catalog, as 2 out of 5 romantic stories feature LGBTQ+ characters in their quest for love.


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First revealed by AIPT, Unlimited love will feature an all-star lineup of comic book creators, writers and artists bringing to life the love stories of beloved Marvel characters, both old and new. The official synopsis for the series of stories reveals, “This Infinity Comics series delves deep into the lives and loves of some of Marvel’s most swoon-worthy characters and relationships! From wonderfully dreamy to spectacularly sultry, Love Unlimited has a story for everyone!” The first storyline to be released – written by Nadia Shammas with art by Natacha Bustos – will focus on Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger, two couples who have previously shared a kiss and intense romantic vibes, but have yet to reveal their secret identities or act more on their feelings. After this 6-part dive into the love life of Kamala’s roller coaster, Unlimited love will feature an arc focused on Viv Vision, the synthesised daughter of the Avenger’s Vision, a queer character who previously had romantic feelings for Ironheart that were not returned, so it will be absolutely lovely to see her explore her orientation and more of life in a story written by Marieke Nijkamp with art by Federico Sabbatini. View the full overview of all Unlimited love stories from Marvel Comics below:

on Thursday 9 June an all-new Infinity Comic anthology series launches on Marvel Unlimited! The new romantic song, UNLIMITED LOVE starts today with MARVEL & RED DAGGER† LOVE UNLIMITED releases new songs every Thursday and features fan favorite characters including Ms. Marvel, Hulking & Wiccan and more. The exciting full lineup and creative teams can be found below.

  • UNLIMITED LOVE Synopsis: Romance and heartbreak! Tension and drama! Fear and elation! LOVE UNLIMITED has it all! This Infinity Comics series delves deep into the lives and loves of some of Marvel’s most swoon-worthy characters and relationships! From wonderfully dreamy to spectacularly sultry, LOVE UNLIMITED has a story for everyone!

MRS. MARVEL & RED DAGGER 6-episode series launches on June 9

  • Short content: Mrs. Marvel and Red Dagger shared a kiss… but not their secret identities! When they team up to investigate a series of relic thefts, the shell’s chemistry is gone. Will they find the courage to take off the masks and give love a chance?
  • Creative team: Nadia Shammas (writer), Natacha Bustos (artist), Alanna Smith (editor)


  • Short content: Teen synthezoid Viv Vision has long been unlucky in love. But when she’s swept along on the world’s weirdest first date by a girl who makes her feel like she’s malfunctioning, her fortunes can change…
  • Creative team: Marieke Nijkamp (writer), Federico Sabbatini (artist), Alanna Smith (editor)


  • Short content: Millie Collins’ ultra-glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle is the perfect cover for SHIELD’s latest recruit! But when she clashes with her new partner, sparks fly in an all-new adventure with one of Marvel’s most iconic romantic heroines.
  • Creative team: Stephanie Phillips (writer), Nick Roche (artist), Annalize Bissa (editor)


  • Short content: Logan’s Mutant Healing Factor saved his life countless times, but it never healed his heart! And as Wolverine plunges into what may be the greatest romance of his long life, he’ll have to risk it all!
  • Creative team: Sean Kelley McKeever (writer), Diogenes Neves (artist), Mark Basso (editor)


  • Short content: Continuing the story of the hit Infinity Comic HULKLING & WICCAN: POSSIBILITIES! Hulkling & Wiccan are still reeling from an alternate reality where they fell in love with other people, and are shocked when Hulkling’s alternate reality ex-boyfriend shows up on their doorstep! And unfortunately for the confused newlyweds, Goebig, the space pirate, desperately needs their help…

  • Creative team: Josh Trujillo (writer), tokitokoro (artist), Alanna Smith (editor)

Another Unlimited love story – written by Stephanie Phillips with art by Nick Roche – features Millicent Collins, or Millie the Model, a romantic character first introduced in the ’45s Millie the model comics #1, exploring love while working as a newly hired SHIELD agent! Millie was part of Marvel Comics’ earliest romantic-themed comics that explored the ups and downs of being a young woman, similar to how Hellcat started out as Patsy Walker in the 1960s. In a hilarious twist on the rest X-Lives/X-Deaths of Wolverine event, Wolverine gets a romantic arc with the title X Loves of Wolverine – written by Sean Kelley McKeever with art by Diogenes Neves – which hopefully, maybe, probably – won’t find Logan in a healthy relationship that does not end in death or betrayal. And finally, the fan favorite Hulkling & Wiccan Infinity Comic will continue to be Possibilities arc – written by the same writer Josh Trujillo with art by tokitokoro – when Hulkling’s alternate reality enthusiast Goebig shows up on the newlywed couple’s doorstep and asks for help!

Love is in the air for beloved Marvel characters, new and old, such as Unlimited love explores the ups and downs of dealing with romance and heartbreak while weighing heroic responsibilities, with stories of beloved heroes such as Wolverine, Mrs. Marveland Viv Vision looking for love in a way that works for them.

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The first Unlimited love arc from Marvel Comics, featuring Ms. Marvel, will debut on the Marvel Unlimited app on June 9 and be released weekly.

Source: AIPT

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