Motorists form roadblock around DUI suspect’s cars in FL. to keep

Motorists who saw a driver swerve to a guardrail called 911 and formed a “rolling roadblock” to hold back traffic while a deputy pulled over the driver, according to a Florida sheriff’s office.

Motorists reported a reckless driver on Interstate 4 in Daytona Beach on Thursday, June 2, according to an incident report from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Daytona Beach is located 440 miles north of Miami.

Video from a dash cam shows a minibus driving erratically, crossing parallel lanes.

“Other drivers slowed down and created a rolling roadblock to hold back traffic,” the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post. “Good job!”

Jessica Weathers responded to the sheriff’s Facebook post, saying she was one of the drivers who participated in the rolling roadblock.

“I was also one of the callers,” she wrote. “…this was terrifying to watch him.”

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood stopped the driver and noticed he smelled like alcohol, according to the incident report.

After the driver completed an area sobriety test, deputies determined he was disabled, the report says.

The 31-year-old driver was charged with drink-driving and refusal to submit to DUI tests.

Madeleine List is a McClatchy National Real-Time reporter. She has reported for the Cape Cod Times and the Providence Journal.

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