Moon Knight costume designer shares alternate Mr. Knight designs

Artist Raphael Imhotep unveils photos of the ‘first iteration’ of Moon Knight’s Mr. Knight suit, complete with several standout attire changes.

Mr.’s outfit Knight almost came with an extra feature, based on early Moon Knight concept art.

Cosume illustrator Raphael Imhotep, in collaboration with multiple costume designers, has released a series of Instagram posts revealing the original design for Moon Knight’s secondary costume, worn by Steven Grant. While his mask remains similar to the final version, the buttons and jacket of Mr. Knight arranged differently and, most notably, the jacket collars are attached to a white hood that goes over his head.

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First appearing in 2014 Moon Knight #1, “Mr. Knight” was a new alternative sparked by Marc Spector’s struggle with dissociative identity disorder, alongside well-known personalities like Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. This persona is often framed as an intelligent detective who accepts police cases and drives around in a white limousine, the last of which was seen during Moon Knight‘s post credit scene. In the Disney+ show, Mr. Knight, however, is not portrayed as a separate character. Instead, the suit is a manifestation of Marc’s costume when Steven controls his body, acquiring superhuman abilities as Khonshu’s avatar, but lacks his counterpart’s hand-to-hand combat experience.

Moon Knight concluded with Marc and Steven – the latter finally coming to terms with his existence – teaming up in their Moon Knight and Mr. Knight suits to defeat Arthur Harrow’s cultists. The finale also saw Marc’s wife Layla El-Faouly, an original character created for Moon Knight, become an avatar for the Egyptian god Taweret and receive her own costume as Scarlet Scarab from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it’s unclear if Jake Lockley possesses a similar ability. Moon KnightThe post-credit scene confirmed that Marc’s third comedic personality existed, but was known only to Khonshu, allowing the moon god to continue to use Marc for violent missions without him or Steven being aware of it.

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According to star Oscar Isaac, there are currently “no official plans” for a second season of Moon Knight† However, director Mohamed Diab suggested that if another season was green-lighted, he’d like to investigate Jake’s character and “what goes on between those blinking eyes” when Marc and Steven lose consciousness. Layla actor May Calamawy has also expressed interest in making a Scarlet Scarab spin-off if it is pitched for film or television.

Moon Knight Season 1 is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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