Moon Knight & Arana’s New Hellfire Gala Costumes Blows Away Competition

Moon Knight and Arana get their own Hellfire Gala costumes from artist Mark Brooks, with the designs blowing their Marvel Comics competition away.

Arana and Moon Knight are the latest Marvel Comics heroes getting new costumes as part of Mark Brooks’ Party Crasher series, where his fan art imagines which heroes are unlikely to make it to the Hellfire Gala might look like. The talented performer shared his take on Moon Knight and Arana’s fashionable outfits and gave them new costumes that honor the looks of both characters while offering something exquisite.

Mark Brooks, one of the most prominent cartoonists working in comics today, has taken to Twitter and asked his audience to vote for who they would like to see. Hellfire Gala costumes as part of his fan art series. So far, he’s given Medusa of the Inhumans and Mary Jane Watson and Venom fresh new designs that swapped their usual costumes and outfits for high-fashion looks you’d expect to see at the X-Men’s. Hellfire Gala† Now, in a piece of Marvel art featuring the latest winners of its Party Crasher survey, Moon Knight and Arana get their own Hellfire Gala suits.


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Brooks showed off his incredible Marvel fan art on Twitterwhere Moon Knight and Arana get high-fashion looks that will turn heads at X-Men’s Hellfire Gala† Moon Knight has a look that his Mr. Knight character and turns into a high-fashion ensemble that lives up to the character’s history. Each shoulder has Khonshu’s skull, while his Mr. Knight mask (with a crescent-shaped arrow around the face) has a similar design to his recently updated costume in the MCU.

Moon Knight is joined by Arana, a Marvel web slingshot nicknamed Spider-Girl, who Brooks co-created with Fiona Avery and Joe Quesada. The fan art references one of her earliest costumes, as she gets a red and white dress with red spider leg details hanging down her legs. Of course, Arana wears a new version of her signature glasses, transformed into sunglasses. The heroine smiles as she holds Moon Knight’s hand as the pair make an unlikely pair for the Hellfire Gala

The Hellfire Gala Mark Brooks’ Party Crasher series has given fans the chance to pick out some of their favorite heroes and get a high-fashion look, and so far they haven’t been disappointed with their choices. Moon Knight and Arana may have no connection on the pages of Marvel Comics, but with their Hellfire Gala costumes, they make the perfect odd couple that we’d love to see the comic book event crash into in style.

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