“Mohammed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher” begins evaluating submissions

In the fourth session, the “Mohammed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher” began by evaluating the works that participated in the award, “desk evaluation” as a first stage, and then face-to-face interviews with the nominated teachers, to list the best contributions submitted, and finally the final evaluation, which includes sending out a questionnaire, and interviewing school principals and colleagues Candidate teacher and students.

Evaluation processes are guided by arbitration committees whose members have extensive experience, expertise and competence in the field of teaching work. The first steps and phases are the “desk evaluation” phase, where the requests of teachers applying for the award are assessed electronically to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process.

The award then proceeds to the stage of conducting face-to-face interviews with the participants, where the candidates are interviewed in their country, after which a list of teachers with inspiring and distinctive teaching experiences is drawn up, followed by the final stage, according to which the best participations are selected for teachers whose participation was characterized by creativity and educational impact Positive within their educational environment.

The Secretary General of the Prize, Dr. Hamad Al-Darmaki, said the award is steadily moving towards leadership through its objectives, in particular the future investment in teachers affiliated with the education sector in the participating countries, which motivates them to work and creativity, and the delivering the best performance that positively impacts school communities and provides a breeding environment for creativity, explaining The teacher is the pillar of development and will continue to receive care to always hold the keys to creativity and educational progress, and this is the philosophy of the price that resulted.

He emphasized that the price has determined high-level determinants and standards and simulates the best international educational practices and experiences, both in terms of quality of performance, participation and the extensive evaluation process through which participants undergo evaluation phases and various basic standard equations that ensure the selection of the best.

He pointed out that the work teams were interested in communicating, coordinating and working harmoniously with those directly involved through field visits to the participating countries, strengthening aspects of joint work and introducing the prize so that all teachers have the opportunity to fulfill their educational role and emphasize work.

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