Model Emily Adonna tells TikTok the downsides of being beautiful

A woman who says she’s “tired of being beautiful” has spoken openly about the negative effects being beautiful has had on her life.

Model and business owner Emily Adonna says she’s been told she’s “beautiful” all her life, and admits her “good looks” have accelerated her modeling career.

While acknowledging that she’s benefited in some ways from being conventionally attractive, the influencer says being “really pretty” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Emily says her looks mean she’s often harassed and even grabbed in public, while also speaking of missing out on career advancement because she’s “too pretty”.

“Pleasant privilege is one thing, I’m not here to deny that,” she said in a clip on TikTok.

“But it has drawbacks. I’ve never had a job where I wasn’t harassed.

“I have rarely been in social situations where I was not harassed. People usually don’t take “no” for an answer to me because they think I’m possessed.

“People don’t ask before touching me in public, I get grabbed regularly.

“I was once passed over for a business opportunity because they said I was too young and too pretty.

“They thought that would be distracting to the other people in the industry.”

Emily, who lives in California, said she’s noticed a huge difference in the way strangers treat her when she’s dressed with makeup on compared to when she’s more casual.

Adonna says she is treated differently depending on her outfit.
TikTok: emilyadonna

She explained that because of her appearance, many people think they are entitled to her time, and she feels that she is often sexualized.

“I’m treated differently, and it’s night and day, when I go out in public with a mask and ragged old oversized clothes, and see how I look now,” she said.

“When I look ragged, people don’t touch me, they feel they have no right to me.

“It’s the idea that because I’m present and because I’m beautiful, there’s a sense of entitlement to that space, or that I’m automatically associated with something sexual.”

She talked about times in her life when she was harassed and felt she wasn’t taken seriously because of her appearance.

“People say you’re a model, so you should be used to the attention,” she said.

“In so many situations where I’ve shared negative experiences that happened to me, the reaction is always like, ‘Well, you’re a beautiful woman, you’re so beautiful, you have to be careful, what were you wearing? Were you too nice? Because you are very beautiful.’

That’s the part I don’t like. I should be able to go out and be safe.

In a follow-up video, Emily said she was “tired of being pretty” — and even tried her best to make herself, in her opinion, less attractive.

“I am a beneficiary of quite a privilege. I get that,” she said.

“But I’m tired of being pretty.

“I got my face pierced, I have hand tattoos that are culturally designed to destroy beauty.

“Being beautiful isn’t always a privilege.”

Emily’s followers were divided, leaving a host of different comments from both sides of the fence.

“Girls who aren’t pretty by societal standards are also harassed in most social and professional situations,” said one.

“Please don’t pretend it’s a problem, be thankful and move on,” one user posted.

“I hear you so loud this is happening, it’s not fun, being beautiful is an obligation,” one wrote.

“Thank you for speaking up about this, don’t let anyone silence you,” said another.

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