Missing toddler survived two days in the wilderness by keeping warm in lawnmower bag

Ryker Webb wandered off while playing outside his family’s Montana home on Friday, but was discovered in an empty cabin on Sunday when a couple heard a whining noise

Ryker used a lawnmower bag to keep warm

A three-year-old boy who went missing for two days in freezing temperatures was rescued after using a lawnmower bag to keep himself warm.

Ryker Webb went missing in the Montana wilderness wearing only a onesie, but was found sheltered in an empty log cabin just a few miles from his home.

A couple discovered Ryker when they heard wails coming from a shed on their property and found the toddler inside hiding in a lawnmower bag, the Daily Mail reported.

Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short told News Nation that Ryker is “doing well now,” although he was “in shock and scared” when he was found.

Ryker was described as dehydrated and tired when he was found


Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Montana/Facebook)

He had some bruising on his face and appeared dehydrated and tired when he was found to be taken to Cabinet Peaks Medical Center for examination.

Short added: “He was there all alone, hearing the rain and wind, and not sure how he was going to get home.

“I do believe he took cover in that shed from Friday night until he was found Sunday.”

Short added that he believed Ryker was forced to seek shelter on Friday night when thunderstorms hit the area, explaining that mountain lions and bears inhabit the region.

The sheriff added that Ryker appeared disoriented and in a state of shock after surviving two long days in the cold without food and water, having strayed from his home on the east side of Bull Lake, where he had played outside with his father and the family dog.

A team of more than 50 volunteers assisted in the search


Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Montana/Facebook)

Ryker’s father went back inside for a few minutes, as Ryker walked away – sparking a frantic search for neighboring properties.

Multiple agencies were involved in a nationwide search for missing persons, using drones, dog teams and more than 50 volunteers to search for the toddler.

Two Montana National Guard helicopters assisted the search, which was hampered by rain and poor visibility.

Speaking to News Nation, Sheriff Short said Ryker was “quite a leg up on them” when the missing persons report came in at 4:43 p.m. Friday, after he had been missing for two hours, but his eyes “lit up” when he was reunited. with his parents.

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