Minister insists no Tories in his seat have criticized Boris Johnson and people are skeptical

A minister has been ridiculed after claiming that no Conservatives in his constituency are critical of Boris Johnson.

Brandon Lewis said the Tories in Great Yarmouth “fully support” the prime minister, despite 148 of his own MPs voting to remove him from office.

The prime minister has seen his personal ratings plummet in recent months as a result of the partygate scandal.

But when he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme, the Northern Ireland secretary insisted that Johnson remain popular across the country.

He said: “In 2019, people came out and voted for the prime minister, giving him an overwhelming mandate, following the one that the Conservative Party had given him a few months earlier.

“He’s someone who consistently does well and wins elections and I have to say, my constituents, my mailbox, it’s very clear that there is support for the prime minister.”

Presenter Sophie Raworth asked: “Don’t you get criticism in your mailbox about the Prime Minister?”

Lewis replied: “Frankly, the criticism I’ve had in my mailbox is people who I know are Labor supporters or Labor activists in my constituency. What I’ve generally had on the doorstep and in my letterbox, and elsewhere in the country, is people want us to start delivering to people and that’s what the Prime Minister is focusing on.

“I can only speak for my constituency – I’ve had people who fully support the Prime Minister. And in fact, even today I have received supportive messages from the Conservative Chair in Northern Ireland about the work the Prime Minister is doing and we must continue the work.”

But the exchange was met with disbelief on social media.

Lewis had previously insisted that legislation introduced tomorrow by the government to ignore parts of the Northern Ireland protocol will not violate international law.

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