Minions Make $129 Million Because Gen Z Is Obsessed With It

Reader, I’ve never had a minions movie. But that has never stopped me from enjoying the countless delights of his rippling Twinkie-shaped knickers or Vector’s orange tracksuit. One of the charms of the franchise is its ability to transcend language and culture, to unite as one Gru-tiful family. And this weekend, thanks to us, it’s doing it at a cost of $129 million.

Correct, Minions: The Rise of Gru is expected to earn more than $129 million, a new record for the fourth of July weekend box office.


The best memes of 2022

How did we get here? Well, the Minions marketing team has been hard at work, but Gen Z is working harder. Through a series of Twitter and TikTok posts, they have increased the film’s visibility and transformed it from a movie to a living meme. We have listed the most popular ones for you below, because one thing is for sure:

The Soundtrack

In May, Jack Antonoff announced that he had produced the film’s soundtrack, which featured covers of 70’s hits by Diana Ross, Brockhampton, Kali Uchis, Phoebe Bridgers, Jackson Wang, Thundercat and more. That put the movie promotions on the right track, because who wouldn’t want to listen to Phoebe all day and think about crazy little minions?

The tickets

Fans have borrowed the “Tickets to X, please” meme that gained popularity after the release of the joker and added a minion spider. Moviegoers and their memes have donned suits for things like: as an ironic sign of respect for the franchise, to joke that being a fan of a children’s movie is mature and attractive, and to enjoy the irony of wearing a straight straight suit for a kids movie.

the suits

The suit phenomenon has become an IRL meme, with large groups attending screenings of the film in suits.

All the rest

Just like the Minion franchise escapes categorization – is it a movie for kids or adults? Gen Z or Geriatrics? — so are his memes. The posts below reflect the diversity of content the internet has brought to us this weekend, in all its glory.

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