Millennial Blood War Sequel Anime Trailer Previews Back

It’s been a decade since the original Bleach anime ended its run, but Ichigo Kurosaki’s story remained unfinished. The manga went on for one more arc and 19 parts, more than enough for a sequel. During a panel at Anime Expo, Viz Media revealed more details about this, called a sequel Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War which will cover the rest of the anime and will try to stay more faithful than ever to the source material.

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After an explosive new trailer, series creator Tite Kubo appeared in a video message letting fans know how their favorite anime would return to the small screen. Kubo promises modern colors and a “new and refreshing viewing experience” with this updated version of Bleach† He also acknowledged that the anime has strayed from the manga in some areas. Whenever possible, he wants to restore scenes that have never been adapted before to give viewers the full story.

The show will premiere in Japan on TV Tokyo in October and promises to pick up where the original left off and cover the rest of the manga’s story. An advanced showing of the first two episodes will be available in Tokyo on September 11.

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As for the inevitable US release, it’s unclear from the panel whether a dubbed version will exist in time or if the show will air on television before it hits streaming services. The original show was a staple of Adult Swim’s anime lineup as of 2006, and Bleach transferred to the revived Toonami block in 2012 to finish its run. Ichigo’s adventures stopped airing on US TV at all in 2014, although they are still readily available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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