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The Duchess of Sussex has made a number of interventions in US politics since stepping back as a working member of the Royal Family in 2020 and lobbying politicians in the country for changes to parental leave and climate policy. Commentator Dan Wootton recalled a conversation he had with one of Meghan Markle’s closest associates three years ago, which provided an early glimpse of a potential big step in American politics.

He wrote for Mail Online: “I have never forgotten a conversation I had with one of Meghan’s increasingly frustrated close aides in early 2019 as her relations within the royal family became increasingly toxic.

“I am now convinced that there is something bigger going on here – an eventual plan where you will run for office in America,” the courtier confided.

They added: ‘She is obsessed with American politics. I think we (the royal family) are now just a stepping stone to something that she finds much more important and attractive.'”

He said, “After all, what could be greater than being a princess in the British royal family? Becoming the first female president of the United States, of course!”

In a Vogue interview with feminist Gloria Steinem, which appeared earlier this week, Meghan gave another possible indication of her plans to enter American politics.

She said: “The [presidential] the election was coming and we both knew how valuable women were and everyone who was going to vote. The ripple effect of elections is so important, and that’s what we’re seeing unfortunately.”

Wootton believes that comment and the interview as a whole “marks a significant uplift in Meghan’s political rhetoric, discarding any semblance of royal neutrality and moving closer to a formal Democrat endorsement”.

Referring to the controversial recent Roe vs Wade ruling, the Duchess added: “We need to channel that fear into action. We can start in November in the meantime.

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Wootton said “that almost sounds like a future campaign ad for the 2032 Democratic primary.”

He concluded: “Meghan is counting on the rest of the US to catch up in ten years’ time with the delusions that awakened California politics.

“She has star power, which will certainly get her a lot of publicity.

The only certainty is that Meghan Markle, as the most prominent Democratic political activist in the world, will cause even more headaches for the British royal family.”

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