Megan Barnard wish after being out by Tom Morris WhatsApp message

Megan Barnard spreads a very important message after the TV host was publicly exposed by a colleague’s disgusting message.

Whatever you feel, you’ll be fine.

It’s a life lesson over a decade in the making that Fox sports host Megan Barnard never thought she’d share with the general public.

But in an exclusive interview in Zodiac sign magazine today, the 37-year-old has revealed her own traumatic coming out process and hopes her own story will inspire — and educate — others.

Earlier this year, Barnard was abruptly spotlighted by a fired colleague’s demeaning comments about her sexuality.

Her former colleague Tom Morris then apologized on Twitter, but Barnard is seeking no apology.

What she wants is understanding and the desire that sharing her story will lead to people not excluding others.

When we let someone out, we rarely get any closer to their truth and whether it’s an athlete or someone with a public profile, Barnard says people should always be in control of their own story.

“No one should ever be forced to come out until they are ready, it can be dangerous,” she said.

“Some people may think it’s not such a big deal these days, but it still is, nobody knows what you suffered when you were younger and talking about your sexuality is such a private, personal part of you.

“People have been messaging to share their stories, struggles and fears of coming out – and getting out.

“I have tried to respond to everyone who has contacted me.

“And if this resonates with just one person and makes them realize that it’s OK to be gay, that it’s not something to hide from or run from, then it’s been worth sitting down for this article.”


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