Meet Robert Irwin’s ‘First Friend’ Emmy Perry

Robert Irwin, the teenage son of former crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, is reportedly dating boyfriend and actor Emmy Perry.

Robert Irwin, the teenage son of former crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, is reportedly in a relationship with American actress Emmy Perry, who has appeared on major TV hits such as cheerfulness

Emmy, who is also an heiress to a video game fortune worth about $380 million, recently posted videos of Robert on a boat while on vacation.

She was in Queensland last month to spend time with her childhood friend and upload some photos of herself with Australian wildlife.

There’s nothing in their social media posts to suggest they’re more than friends, but Women’s Day suggests they could be in a new relationship.

Robert, who was not yet three years old when his father was killed by a stingray at age 44 while filming a documentary about the Great Barrier Reef in 2006, recently shared how he has felt his father’s absence most acutely. in the last two years.

“Because I kind of enter adulthood, turned 18, and navigating is hard enough [but] if you’re in my situation, and you don’t have a father figure to get you through, it’s very difficult.”

In March 2020, he was walking down the aisle with his sister when she married her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell.

“You do things like that and you think, ‘That was Daddy’s job. That wasn’t mine,” he said.

He also said that his sister Bindi was on his case to find him someone special after he turned 18.

“She says, ‘You’re 18, Robert, what’s going on? Pick up the pace!’” he chuckles.

“By the time she was 18, she and Chandler had been together for a few years. So it went pretty fast [for Bindi to find love]† But that doesn’t happen often.

“So I’m still looking. I’m not in a hurry. It will happen when it happens.”

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