Maya Jama mocks GB News presenter mispronounced that name while criticizing her: ‘Thanks for mentioning them’

Maya Jama has mocked GB News for mispronouncing her name after using her on TV as a warning about “knowing what you’re talking about”.

During a clip of Dan Wootton’s show on Tuesday night (April 19), a group of journalists put forward prominent figures to be named “union fool” of the week.

Nigel Nelson suggested Jama, amid a report from The sun that she would quit working at boxing station Dazn because she didn’t know enough about the sport.

Nelson said Jama was “a lesson for all of us to know what you’re talking about when you’re on TV”.

However, he referred to the presenter as a “British boxing commentator” while pronouncing her name as “May-a Jay-ma”.

Jama shared the clip on Twitter again, writing, “mAYA JAME-A would like you to kiss her ass in response, thanks for the mention though their xx.”

She also seemed to deny The sun‘s report, writing: “& last mention We are in 2022 at which point we stop using tabloids as factual informational publications……. bruh.

“If what I’m ‘saying’ doesn’t come out of my mouth, I haven’t said it, pay close attention to what a quote is and what others’ words are in an article.”

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