Matt Hancock has the last laugh as he survives Boy George

After two and a half weeks of meditation and groaning, Boy George admitted he was “ready to leave”. In his exit interview, he named Mike Tindall as his favorite winner and even softened to Hancock: “He’s just one person in this. He mucked in, helped everyone and I can’t judge him on that.

The Queensland bush will be a more harmonious but less musical place without him. This polarizing presence will now at least be able to make an appointment with the oft-mentioned Hamilton doing his “intimate waxing”.

Nice but dim-witted Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner, who has come out of nowhere to become bookie’s favorite for champion, continued to suffer from hunger pangs. When Boy George admitted to grabbing an extra banana, Warner seemed ready to stick it somewhere where the Australian sun doesn’t shine.

Forget Bananarama, this was a banana drama. George further excited Warner by singing, “Yeah, I had two bananas.” This fruit fight may have been the final nail in his jungle chest.

Tension continued to mount when DJ Chris Moyles volunteered for the next Bushtucker Trial, only to be disqualified. Boy George, comedian Seann Walsh and camp leader Tindall undertook “Cave Yoga” instead. It saw them strike poses and chant “omm” while being pelted with fish guts and offal. Or rotten fruit, in the case of vegetarian George.

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