Mask removal revives Dubai’s beauty industry

Official statistics showed a significant increase in the demand for cosmetic services in Dubai by 161.2% within a year, which specialists in dermatology and cosmetology attributed to the emergence of innovative technologies and devices in the cosmetic market, and the appearance of psychological reactions in a wide range of community members, as a result of changes that have occurred after prolonged use of masks.

Specialist physicians expected the recovery of cosmetic services and treatments to continue in the coming years, surpassing the attendance rate of the cosmetic clinics in the pre-pandemic period.

They emphasized that cosmetic services have become a way of life for a large number of women and men, without compromising the impact caused by the emergence of new cosmetic services at competitive prices.

Recent statistics from the Dubai Health Authority show that the total number of private sector skin care clinic visitors reached 583,909 in the past year, compared to 223,507 in 2020, with a significant increase of 360,402 references. in the number of applicants for this type of service and treatment.

According to the Dubai Health Report, there are more than 18 types of treatments available in clinics and beauty centers.

“Skin tissue” procedures topped the list of skin care treatments at 51.9%, with a big difference, “soft tissue increase” at 13.2%, followed by “laser peeling” at 7.5% and then “plastic surgery of the chest” by 7.3%.

dr. Khaled Salem Al Nuaimi, a dermatologist, cosmetic and laser professor at the College of Medicine at the University of Sharjah, stated that specialists in dermatology, cosmetology and skin treatments have noticed a steady increase in demand for cosmetic services over the past two years, attributable to to the presence of reactions A psychological injury that affected many members of society after the period of closure caused by the “Corona” pandemic and its consequences for them.

He added: “After the return of life to normal, it was noticed that people are more interested in their beauty, shape and facial expressions, and spending in this direction has increased significantly.”

Al-Nuaimi added that local and international statistics showed an increase in plastic surgery, especially fillers and Botox, and semi-surgical operations, such as threading.

He pointed out that most experts expect the demand for cosmetic services to increase significantly in the coming years, greater than before the pandemic, adding that “the culture of beauty has become a way of life for members of society in various ways. age groups.”

He believed that “the introduction of new devices, techniques and procedures into the cosmetic market pushes growth indicators forward, making the future of cosmetic medicine promising.”

dr. Qassem Ahli, a plastic surgeon consultant in Dubai, said in turn that one of the main reasons for the jump in the cosmetic market in the country is the transition from closure to openness after the containment of the “Corona” pandemic, the increase of population density in the emirate and the increasing interest of people in skin care.

He added: “The intense competition among beauty centers also led to a drop in the prices of cosmetic services, encouraging many members of society to take advantage of them.”

Ahli pointed out that the most prominent cosmetic services that have seen a demand recently have been “skin cleansing”, “skin tightening by lasers”, “peeling” and “Botox”.

For his part, the Emirates Medical Association’s Head of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zuhair Al-Fardan, found reasons for the high growth rates and demand for the cosmetic sector in the country, especially the abandonment of cosmetic procedures for a large period during the last two years, because “this had a significant impact on a group that accustomed to periodically receive cosmetic services. After the pandemic was contained, demand for these types of services returned.”

He added: “A lot of people were surprised that their face changed during the closing period as a result of wearing masks, and that they needed skin care to restore freshness and pay more attention to appearance, which prompted the majority of people to provide cosmetic services.”

Al-Fardan expected that the number of people coming to cosmetic services in the country in general will continue to increase, due to the development of this industry.

Estimated Prices for Plastic Surgery in Dubai

■ Liposuction 20,981 dirhams.

■ Rhinoplasty 23,885 dirhams.

■ Breast reduction for men 21,296 dirhams.

■ Breast augmentation for women 26,515 dirhams.

■ Abdominoplasty 33 thousand and 889 dirhams.

■ Fat injections 21 thousand and 850 dirhams.

■ Laser vaginal tightening, 21 thousand and 167 dirhams.

■ Eyelid correction 15 thousand and 895 dirhams.


An increase in cosmetic surgery and expectations of exceeding pre-coronavirus rates.


A kind of services and treatments offered by clinics and beauty centers.

Doctors expect a further recovery in services and cosmetic treatments in the coming years.

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